Dr. Andreas Löhr

Dr. Andreas Löhr runs the business unit for aviation software projects, and he also takes care of Linova’s internal organization as well as its IT infrastructure.

He studied Computer Science with minor subject Medical Science at Universität Passau and Technische Universität München. After a half year stay in the USA at the end of his studies, where he could gather industrial and academic experience, Dr. Löhr has been working in various technological, consulting, and development projects with a focus on the aircraft maintenance industry.

In parallel to his business tasks, Dr. Löhr worked on his doctoral thesis at the Mathematical and Computer Science Facilities of Technische Universität München, which he successfully concluded in 2006.

Dr. Horst Mauersberg

Dr. Horst Mauersberg is responsible for all projects and business development in the automotive industry as well as the company’s strategic planning.

After graduating in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at TU Berlin, he gave lectures and earned a doctor’s degree. Subsequently, he worked as a research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) as head of department in the industrial research labs of Philips Laboratories (Briarcliff-Manor, NY, USA) as well as Siemens Research and Technology Laboratories (Princeton, NJ, USA), followed by being appointed as a product manager for Siemens-Nixdorf (Cambridge, MA, USA).

Before founding Linova Software GmbH, he was engaged as the managing director of Inmedius Europa GmbH (Munich). Dr. Mauersberg has a vast knowledge in the areas of software development and IT consulting.

Tobias Weishäupl

Tobias Weishäupl supports our clients in the following areas:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mobile applications
  • Media

He graduated in Computer Science with Management as a minor subject at Technische Universität München.

Since 2002, he has been involved as a software developer as well as a consultant in various retrieval and diagnostic software projects in the automotive industry. With his vast experience in software prototyping and so-called demonstrators, he is in charge of projects for programming software accompanying media. In the area of mobile applications, he coordinates software development activities based on iOS.

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