What makes us special

We are a small but fine system house.

We can play the role of Goliath: we manage tasks which would usually be assigned to large system houses.

We can also become David: we fully utilize advantages that lie in our company’s size. We are flexible and able to respond immediately to new requirements. All our employees are highly qualified all-rounders.

We create quality: We understand how a project is managed in order to withstand in the long run, and we also take care that our solution stays within time and scope.

We are absolutely technology affine- those who do not hang in there will lose. However, we always scrutinize new technology from a practical and customer orientated point of view.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we work with proved and tested templates, use best-practice and technological kits. Therefore, we are able to concentrate on the specifics and requirements.

We always do our work properly – without “loose screws” and “holes”. Even software prototypes need to work.

We listen to our customers and we want to see their problems with their eyes – instead of merely using the keyboard.

We are closely connected to study and academical research programs of Technische Universität München. This special combination allows us to have access to the latest methods in software development and state of the art technology. We, as well as our customers, greatly benefit from this in general, but especially in the area of mobile applications.

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