The aviation industry poses particular demands in terms of information technology, which derive both from specific development processes (partially defined by authorities) as well as frequently established IT structures and processes.

Many special heterogenic software systems working by different paradigms (e.g. embedded flying real-time systems versus desktop-based information systems) contribute to a total portfolio of in-service data which provides the basis for operating an aircraft fleet. Depending on the operational framework, operational costs, availability and other performance indicators need to be optimized.

Configuration management for aircrafts, operation support via software tools, organizing, optimizing and executing maintenance measures, and extracting business critical information (Business Intelligence) represent key elements which we have successfully been working with for many years. In this industry, we have been developing productive software systems or components – which can be integrated in the existing IT landscape, either by proprietary or open interfaces – for civilian and military customers. Also, we do not shy away from requirements as to development processes (e.g. DO178B) or future platforms (e.g. VXWorks).

We permanently offer support on internal technology development by designing, extracting, programming, and integrating software prototypes, especially in the growing area of condition-based maintenance.

Implementing sensor technology and software makes it possible to diagnose a component’s actual state of degradation; furthermore, we are able to forecast future degradation tendencies. In future, unplanned maintenance measures will thus be transformed into planned maintenance measures, components will be used in an optimal way and degraded components’ functional effects on mission or flight behavior may be determined.

In this industry, we have been developing appropriate middleware for our clients, based on open standards to ideally support a change of paradigms from preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

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