Mobile Applications

Based on both our general profound IT knowledge and experience of many years in mobile maintenance and diagnosis, we can program and fully implement mobile applications of any complexity and industry.

To us, mobile applications are no more than “typical” applications and software systems – in the sense of IT technology. This means that we approach app projects with the same attention and development process as we do with “large” software. Partially, mobile applications even call for more demanding requirements than traditional desktop solutions, due to their variety of boundary conditions such as UI design, connectivity, back-end connection and robustness.

Primarily, we program mobile apps for our industrial clients in the B2B area, applying our holistic established software engineering approach; this also enables us to create B2B or B2C apps for individual solutions in various business areas:

Aviation area:

  • Implementation of an electronic planning board for small and medium sized aircraft fleets in the civilian sector (iPad)

Health care:

  • Implementation of apps for detecting hearing impairment and identifying hearing profiles as well as hearing therapy (iPad)
  • Implementation of apps for personal diabetes management (iPhone)
  • Implementation of an app for lifestyle intervention for avoiding pregnancy diabetes (iPhone)
  • Implementation of an app for monitoring movement during the therapy of crucial ligament injuries (iPhone, Android)

Industry 4.0 area:

  • Implementation of an app for controlling a parking system (iPhone, Android)
  • Implementation of an app for monitoring sensor data of hygienic devices (Web based)

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