Lost in Digitalisation

Digitalisation – IoT – Industry 4.0… But what is it, exactly? Do you too have the feeling that there’s a lot of talk about digitalisation – without any concrete results or added value? Do you still have no specific concept of the possibilities that “digitalisation” has to offer your company? In that case, save yourself the bother of unsuccessful digitalisation projects and take our “Lost in Digitalisation?” workshop as an introduction to the development of digital processes, products and services.

Possible content:

  • What is digitalisation? Stages of digitalisation – from digitising analogue processes to real digital products and services – including a glossary
  • An overview of current technologies and developments – clarifying mysterious terms and abbreviations
  • Digitalisation as an end in itself – or in order to create new business models?
  • Real-life examples – both negative and positive
  • Discovering the potential for digitalisation in your company – initial ideas with an eye to further developing your business model

Service offers

Our service for you can be as follows


  • First meeting to find out about your ideas and expectations.
  • Joint development of the workshop setting – contents, goals and participant group


  • Modern workshop methods, varied design
  • Technical input from our experts
  • Led and moderated by experienced consultants


  • Reviewing and working out the generated ideas & fields of action
  • Creating an ideal working document for the next steps

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€ 3.999

(net, plus travel costs)

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