IT Consulting

We use our profound IT knowledge and our experience from numerous industrial software projects, combined with the latest findings in software development we gain from our close relationship with the Computer Science Faculty of TU München. This knowledge helps us to assist and support our customers in any IT project. When it comes to IT consulting, we are also primarily software engineers rather than being number crunchers or “Powerpointologists.” We do not advise on account of a rigid set of rules and processes but rather on our own project experience and expertise on technology, business and organization.  All our team members are IT specialists or engineers who – in addition to their technological knowhow – see the big picture and are therefore able to consider all aspects regarding the customer’s requirements.

Our expertise in IT consulting focusses on the aviation and automobile industry, hereby in the areas of maintenance and diagnosis, telematics, big data, and innovative after-sales systems. But our profound know-how is in no way limited to just these fields.

In the area of mobile applications, we also offer advice and consulting for all sectors – particularly business strategy, deployment and mobile device management.

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