Mobile App Development

We develop comprehensive mobile applications according to customer requirements and given requirements specification. We see mobile applications – or apps – as software systems, e.g. traditional desktop solutions. Therefore, our apps undergo the same development process: from requirements analysis, system design, UI/ user experience design, data modeling to the actual development, testing and deployment, maintenance, support and further development. Our mobile applications may be completely new systems – or new variants of existing desktop or web solutions or even an integration of front-ends in present back-end structures.

In particular – possibly in contrast to solutions worked out by agencies – we understand mobile applications as comprehensive complex software components with specific operational requirements, rather than mere “electronification” of traditional media or products. Like traditional distributed software systems, most mobile applications not only consist of a front-end – the actual “app” –, but also a back-end component: This way, the architecture of mobile applications simply is a specific type of client/server or peer-to-peer system.

Our vast know-how gives us a comprehensive understanding of the respective IT landscape in which the mobile app is to be run. If necessary, we are also able to integrate the app into the existing back-end, adapt or fully implement back-end servers and database systems. Thus, we may recommend ourselves for mobile app development in B2B and in context of complex business systems.

We manage mobile app development for all common platforms and technologies, focusing on iOS for iPhone/ iPad and Android.

Besides software development, we offer IT consulting, project, process, integration and deployment consulting for mobile applications. We analyze the customer’s existing IT and system landscape and develop suitable solutions to extend existing use cases and systems for mobile devices and to open up new mobile business processes. Furthermore, we advise our clients on the appropriate system, technology and platform for mobile devices in the company and required suitable deployment processes and solutions. In this context, we also assist you in selecting and implementing mobile device management systems.

As a third option within our services, we can provide software training for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) for our customers – both for beginners and more advanced participants. Feel free to contact us to comply your individual training.

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