Software Engineering

For your software, we apply software engineering from beginning to end, taking direct responsibility and always maintaining a holistic approach to implementation. We will support you at all times during the implementation phase. If required, we will also assist you in individual aspects of the process model, e.g. if you develop your own software.

Taking direct responsibility in software development enables us to pursue an iterative and agile process model instead of relying on linear procedures. We particularly value a user interface which enables an efficient and target-orientated handling, without a conservative or unemotional appeal.

In order to fully concentrate on the problem that needs solving – regarding architecture, special knowledge or integrative constraints – we use a wide range of technologies, frameworks and tools which are practice-proven and updated continuously. This saves us from re-inventing the wheel.

We are well acquainted with both the superordinate software architectures (client/server, desktop application, peer-to-peer) and fine-grained subsystem designs, where we apply best-practice design patterns for decomposing the individual subsystems.

Our continuous integration infrastructure submits the source codes’ current status to an automated and continuous build and test process. This procedure enables us to recognize inconsistencies, bugs and regressions as quickly as possible.

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