System Integration

In today’s world of IT, virtually no software goes without exchanging data with other systems, which is why all relevant internal interfaces (between sub-systems) as well as external interfaces (between systems) need to be developed, specified, validated and verified.

In general, existing systems may not easily be adapted due to various reasons, meaning that interface contracts can only be enabled via adapters.

On those grounds, system integration has a critical position within the field of software engineering, whether in terms of adding a complex software’s individual sub-systems to a final system or embedding a clearly distinguished system into an environment of other existing software systems.

From Linova’s point of view, every system development project includes a system integration part.

In particular, if we develop an application from the very first requirement to the acceptance test on our own responsibility, we explore where and how the data is gathered and which potential users may receive the processed data by whatever means.

Besides our purely technological integration task, business processes need to be understood in advance, before any technological interface can be developed in the first place.

Thanks to our experience of many years in the area of software development for large entrepreneurial customers, we may offer ourselves in the role of a system integrator for your software solution or software project in terms of an explicit service rendered.

We act as an essential link between the software project itself and the people responsible for the existing systems and processes, and therefore, the required interfaces or protocols can be created and specified holistically and objectively, including the validation and verification process if required.

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