One-to-One: A Personal Coach for your Digital Transformation Challenge

New opportunities and openings for successful business models are precisely what digital transformation has in store for you. To take advantage of those opportunities, your company needs to be open to, and willing to embrace, change – regardless of how far-reaching or disruptive the process of transformation may be.

Our experts will accompany you through this process of transformation. In one-to-one coaching over a period of several weeks, they’ll support you in finding solutions for the changed expectations of your customers and business partners. For example, they’ll help you to profitably implement your digitalisation strategy in practice.

Possible content:

  • No idea where to start with the digitalisation of your products or services?
  • Wondering how to implement your digitalisation strategy profitably in practice?
  • Wondering why your previous digitalisation strategy didn’t lead to success and how you can change that?
  • Looking for an external sparring partner with a fresh perspective who can help you examine and advance your strategies?

Service offers

Our service for you can be as follows

Getting to know you

  • What digital transformation challenge do you want to overcome?
  • A perfect match: we suggest an expert to support you

1:1 Coaching-Hour

  • We take things from where you are: there simply are no taboo or “stupid” questions!
  • Joint development of solutions
  • Regular meetings for discussion, analysis and getting tips

Looking ahead

  • “Keep at it” is the recipe for success – but how?
  • Tips & tricks for successfully maintaining your momentum after the coaching

Your benefits:

  • Get faster results with a specialist at your side
  • Benefit from our hands-on approach rather than building strategic castles in the air
  • Proven high performance standards and excellent customer satisfaction
  • Data and information security as a matter of course
  • State-of-the-art IT expertise


4 weeks’ one-to-one coaching (4 sessions)

from € 1.600

(plus travel costs)

Expert Opinion

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