About us

Linova Software GmbH was founded in March 2008 by three managing directors and launched headlong into the business of software development and consulting projects in the automotive and aviation sectors. Loyalty, dedication and quality – with these principles driving it, Linova was able to win new orders and attract employees in its founding year and has been on a course of substantial growth ever since. Our company attaches great importance to sustainable customer relationships and a solid base of team-minded colleagues. Today we have more than 40 permanent professionals and a network of freelancers, students, scientific staff and doctoral candidates. With our in-depth industry knowledge and excellent technical know-how, we have successfully specialised in digitisation projects for medium-sized and large corporate clients. In the meantime, we can look back on more than 15 years of company history and are proud that we can still count friends among our staff, who have gone through the founding period with us.

Holistic way of working

Regardless of whether our customers entrust us with the complete and independent implementation of individual software, or with the realisation of individual components or the collaboration in specific phases in a digitalisation programme – we always look at the big picture, even if the big picture is not necessarily our sole responsibility. Parallel to the technical perspective, we always have the economic and non-technical aspects of a successful digitalisation strategy in mind.

Precise use of technologies

As software experts, we are naturally technology-oriented and are curious about new technologies, not to mention their suitability for practical use. However, neither we nor our customers have any added value from “framework hopping”. We therefore work with proven templates, principles and technology kits. This allows us to concentrate on the respective technical areas, while keeping a critical eye on our own procedures and our current technology stack.

Executive Management


Dr. Andreas Löhr

Andreas Löhr studied computer science with a minor in medicine at the University of Passau (Vordiplom) and the Technical University of Munich (Diplom, 2001). Since 2002, he has worked in various technology fields, consulting and development projects, mainly in the field of aircraft maintenance, as well as in research projects on voice control for conventional user interfaces. In his capacity as one of the managing directors, Andreas Löhr is responsible for the aviation, systems control and sensor technology divisions. He continues to work as Tech Lead and Coding Architect in development projects and as CTO is responsible for internal processes and IT.


Tobias Weishäupl

Tobias Weishäupl studied computer science with a minor in business administration at the Technical University of Munich. In 2002, he began work as a developer and consultant in numerous projects for after-sales information retrieval software as well as telematics, repair garages and diagnostic systems in the automotive industry. Furthermore, he has supervised projects for the creation of software-accompanying media and in-app development. Tobias Weishäupl is responsible for the Automotive as well as the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare divisions. In daily business, he is a product owner and consultant in development and consulting projects and, as CFO, is accountable for the company’s finances.

Our team of experts

Currently, more than 40 people make up the impressive Linova team at the Munich and Stuttgart locations.
Our flat hierarchy encapsulates the following roles.

Business Analyst

records and analyses requirements coordinates features and processes validates technical concepts visualises solution concepts detailed user stories verified product properties


develops interaction concepts produces click dummies conducts user studies develops the surface design creates graphics and icons designs media products

Operations Engineer

supports networks and servers ensures IT security programmed tools works with Linux, Docker, GitLab, Jenkins, Mattermost, Nextcloud, Bitwarden, Sonar, X-Wiki and Nexus

Product Manager

incorporates requirements and CRs supervises tests and trainings coordinates the market launch is the contact person for the product operates Life cycle management prioritises user stories

Software Architect

is an experienced software engineer masters architectural principles recognises technical interrelations defines interfaces pays attention to IT security translates requirements into code

Software Engineer

programs in Java, C, C++, C#, Swift, Objective-C or SQL on Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, for the web or mobiles writes tests and reviewed code Frontend or backend

Software Tester

understands technical requirements drafts creative test cases conducts test campaigns documents test results uncovers technical and optical faults creates product-related documentation

Tech Lead

is an experienced Software Architect is responsible for quality and time solves technical conflicts coordinates the team builds releases and delivers them manages technical customer appointments

Administration & Organisation

purchases the materials prepares the month-end closing supervises the current bookkeeping organises company events corresponds with the customer manages the pool vehicles

Assistant to the Management

creates BWAs supports controlling prepares decisions pays bills collects offers coordinates appointments and contracts

Human Resources

maintains the personnel files manages holidays and absences coordinates the bAV is responsible for the office drafts testimonies prepares payroll accounting

Marketing & Communication

maintains the homepage supervises the corporate design supports the sales team is responsible for the external impact takes care of social media designs online content


responds to project requests defines project scope calculates and writes quotations negotiates prices maintains customer contacts attracts new customers


manages personnel campaigns designs job advertisements conducts job interviews supervises the application process coordinates staff service provider is active in social media