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Developing a digitalisation strategy is challenging and experience is of the essence. To then put a concrete digitalisation project into practice can cause a headache indeed.

There are many reasons why digitalisation will fail within a company:

  • Lack of time regarding day-to-day business
  • No acceptance from the team or from the entire company
  • Difficult assessment of feasibility
  • No adequate toolbox available (methods for workshops and implementation)
  • Professionally blinkered, no neutral point of view from outside the company

Would you like to get a glimpse of what digitalisation is about, or maybe you have some ideas of your own? You have no idea where to start because you are uncertain how to really implement a digitalisation strategy?

Why is a digitalisation workshop essential?

In general, this depends on the goal you want to achieve for your company by holding a digitalisation workshop.
An important reason is to view beyond the horizon to other successful digitalisation projects. This will help you to better understand digitalisation, offering specific ideas how digitalisation can improve your business.

Furthermore, during an intensive workshop, you will work on a precise business case for a new product, prototype, or a service – dependent on your objective.

These are the results that we generally offer within our digitalisation workshops:

  • Inspiration and clarity
  • Identification of specific possibilities for your company
  • Neutral and independent workshop moderation as well as specific expertise for precise questioning
  • Bespoke working methods regarding your workshop’s objectives
teilnehmende an digitalisierungsworkshop

We do not merely offer consultation, but we also take a holistic approach to your business processes.

How does Linova differ from other suppliers for digitalisation workshops?

We are a system vendor for individual software solutions as well as organisation and process consultancy.

Over the years, we have gained profound experience in various customer projects both in strategy development and digitalisation solution conception as well as the implementation. Thus, our consultancy service is more expedient and practical compared to classic business consultants.

Naturally, we use up-to-date methods and frameworks. This is why you can expect a professionally presented workshop with “state-of-the-art” methods. From range mapping to weeklong design sprints including your whole project team.

This is why we are an expert partner at your side:

  1. We always set up our digitalisation workshops individually and customised to our customers’ targets.
  2. Both process and technology consulting flow likewise into the formulation of solutions.
  3. Our customers will not stand alone with a concept at the end of the workshop. We will support you with the implementation and adaptation to your internal business processes.

This is why we are an expert partner at your side:

Consulting and implementation from one source.

How does a digitalisation workshop take place?

In order to ensure a high-quality digitalisation workshop, we recommend an initial phone interview. This is how you get a first impression of how we work, and you can ask your open questions. This way, we can determine your specific needs and draw up an individual offer.


Initial phone interview and offer phase

Preparation phase


Follow-up phase

In general, an initial kick-off meeting will take place during the preparation phase. In this kick-off, we will define your workshop’s goals and approach. Furthermore, it has proven to be useful to provide additional documentation for your presenter to prepare the workshop’s content as effectively as possible.

The course of the workshop will vary greatly from the overall pursued goal. A digitalisation workshop for beginners will generally last between 4 and 5 hours; e.g. you will be taking a look at other successful digitalisation projects and work out initial ideas.

An innovation workshop will probably take 1-2 days. For prototype development via design sprint, you should consider planning a whole week.

You are uncertain which digitalisation workshop is best suited to your goals? Find out in our non-binding and free of charge initial interview.

In the follow-up phase, all workshop results are compiled and documented by a protocol. The worked-on user manual at the end of each workshop will cover the following elements:

  • Workshop’s objective
  • Used methodology
  • Result summary
  • Further recommended actions

How can I find the best suited digitalisation workshop for our company??

The best suited workshop depends on in which phase your project is right now. Are you still brainstorming and you need an initial understanding for existing possibilities? Or do you have a concrete project for which you want to create a professional basis of decision making?

For each phase, we have created our own workshop type. The basic framework will be aligned with the respective goal; however, the specific workshop scope will be customized after an initial interview free of charge.

Do you have specific questions on your digitalisation project? Arrange your initial interview quickly and easily so we can answer all of your questions!

Workshop for beginners

Lost in Digitalisation

  • Define the meaning of digitalisation for your company
  • Working out your own initial ideas
  • Get to know business Best Practices

Advanced workshop

Recognise your Digital Potential!

  • Working on your specific ideas
  • Identify your requirements
  • Lay the foundation for your digitalisation project

Workshop for specialists

Shape your Digital Business!

  • Feasibility evaluation for your project
  • Validate solution approaches up until decision proposals
  • Support during your project preparation


Digital Transformation Project

  • 1:1 coaching project management
  • Your sparring partner who will support and assist you methodically
  • Direct consultant engagement