Requirements Engineering

The basis for your project’s success is the availability of requirements that are validated against the needs of all relevant stakeholders. The requirements should be complete, accurate and detailed enough to derive concrete tasks and actions. We develop this foundation with you and ensure complete documentation, including traceability and quality assurance. We have mastered both a requirements analysis with traditional approaches to specification (e.g. performance specifications) and agile methods such as design thinking, prototyping and/or user studies. Our experience is based on iterative and incremental procedures, as well as on procedures subject to a stringent certification process – our portfolio of successfully completed customer projects includes Scrum and Kanban-oriented development, as well as development in line with DO 178 B or the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (MPG). Given our history, we feel right at home in the fields of automotive, aviation, health care and mechanical engineering/systems engineering, but are able to familiarise ourselves with new domains thanks to our quick comprehension and excellent abstraction skills.

Change of direction
Engineering requirements do not end with the one-time recording of requirements known at the beginning of the project. The greatest challenge lies in dealing with changes to the framework conditions or with changes in the stakeholders’ requirements – and the resulting changes to the requirements and the actions required to implement them. Our project owners and technical project managers have the necessary experience and intuition to work out the best solution for the project and formulate your goals in close partnership with you.

Regardless of whether you entrust us with a specific task in the field of requirements engineering for your own project, which depends on the requirements and project stage, or whether you entrust us with a full system development – we ensure the creation of clean and feasible requirements at project launch and throughout the project’s duration. We are happy to adapt to your tool landscape or apply the requirements and feature description (and their continuous updating) in our own environment (Gitlab, Jira/Confluence). If required, you can obtain secure online access to our systems.