UI/UX Design

Integrated working
From the beginning of a project, our UI/UX experts are involved in the development and work with you to find the optimal solution for operating and experiencing the planned software application for the end user. This often results in basic framework conditions for functionalities, the flow of operations, visible volumes and their distribution, as well as the strategy for planned end devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets or desktop computers).

Using wireframes or scribbles, you get a precise idea of how the software system “feels” rather quickly after recording the first requirements and target features. On this basis, detailed functionalities are made tangible in several loops and screens, while views and operating sequences are optimised. In the following step, our UX/UI experts create a colour and design concept for your software system — of course, also adapted to existing specifications or according to your corporate design if required. We also enable online collaboration for design details by using modern tools.

Wireframes or designed screens can be validated by user studies with representative end users. If required, we can also create UI/UX prototypes to better understand problems, validate concepts or the system design, and support decision-making processes for stakeholders, decision makers, and your own customers. In the case of development, from the designs, we create platform-specific assets such as graphic elements or icons and make them available.

Regardless of whether you entrust us with a specific UI/UX task for your own project (depending on the requirements and project stage) or whether you entrust us with a full system development – we ensure the creation of intuitive and convenient processes as well as a professional touch for your systems. We are happy to adapt to your tool landscape or create the UI/UX design using our standard tools (Balsamiq, Sketch).