Mobile parking system control

Mobile parking system control Parking space control in a semi-automatic parking system via smartphone We implemented an iOS and Android app for wireless control of a semi-automatic multiparker system for a leading manufacturer of parking systems. Owners of a parking space in such systems can register their parking space in our app and link it […]

Modernised system configuration

Modernised system configuration Bus communication via RS485 meets Java Our customer manufactures technical systems in the hygiene sector. The components of the system, which are dynamically assembled according to the end customer’s wishes, assume various tasks depending on the functional scope. The components are initialised through an RS485 interface in line with their roles. The […]

Digital washroom

Digital washroom Recording and evaluation of hygiene device sensor data We developed a complete system for a leading European and global manufacturer of hygiene products and supplier of hygiene solutions. It involved the central recording of the delivery meters and quantities of hygiene devices such as soap, disinfectant and paper dispensers equipped with radio sensors. […]

In-service data acquisition

In-service data acquisition Worldwide product monitoring and maintenance Our customer’s vision is the bidirectional access to sold and in-service machines via the Internet, no matter where in the world the machines are located. The transmission of the operating data in (near) real-time enables a precise, semi-automated diagnosis of the current operating status (on-site or in […]