Flight recorder decoder

Flight recorder decoder Analysis of the recorded flight behaviour Our customer’s engineering department requires a software tool for internal purposes which can decode the data files of flight recorders of different types and convert them into human readable output. The tool displays the formats to be read in a generic reference database, differentiated by aircraft […]

Optimised docking and use planning

Optimised docking and use planning Flight operation and maintenance in harmony For the operation of its fleet, our customer required a tool that would optimise the long-term planning of maintenance events (A, B, C, 3C, D-check) to be carried out in the aircraft hangar, depot or docking berth with regard to the expected number of […]

Equipment tracking system

Equipment Tracking System Lifetime monitoring of stock levels We build systems for our customers for monitoring the maintenance tasks required for all manner of stored components and equipment, from engines to life jackets. Both regular tasks in the maintenance programme and special tasks required by the storage facility are taken into account. Additionally, the system […]

Digital UAV Service Platform

Digital UAV Service Platform Transport of organs by drone The project “Real-time Analytics and Prognostic Health Monitoring” (RTAPHM) is a joint project within the framework of the German Federal Aviation Research Programme (LuFo V-3). Linova works together with other industrial partners, research institutes and universities on the realisation of a digital platform for the provision […]