Recognise your Digital Potential!

Everyone’s doing digitalisation – but why? And above all, how? Have you, too, asked yourself what digitalisation means for you? Would you like to find out how digitalisation can help your company advance and support you in developing new products and services? Then take our “Recognise your Digital Potential” workshop to start exploring your individual digital world.

Possible content:

  • Successfully implementing digitalisation – how do you do it? Insights into exciting digitalisation projects, both successful and less successful.
  • Joint analysis of the initial situation in your company: in which areas are you really strong (your product/service, competitive advantage), what’s already going optimally today and where is known potential for improvement?
  • Identifying challenges of the future: what problems will you need to solve tomorrow? What will the general conditions be like in the future? What strategic goals must be achieved?
  • Looking ahead to develop solutions for tomorrow: what solutions will you apply to inspire your customers tomorrow? Also, how can digitalisation contribute to that process?

Service offers

Our service for you can be as follows


  • First meeting to find out about your ideas and expectations.
  • Joint development of the workshop setting – contents, goals and participant group


  • Modern workshop methods, varied design
  • Technical input from our experts
  • Led and moderated by experienced consultants


  • "Reviewing and working out the generated ideas & fields of action
  • Creating an ideal working document for the next steps

Our price

4.999 €

(net, plus travel costs)

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