Medien, marketing and training

With our in-house graphic artists and designers, supported when needed by external experts, we make it possible for you to create electronic media from a single source in order to guide the development of your software products and processes. We offer tailored solutions and implementation of different media approaches for all phases of the development and product lifecycle.

UI/UX design

Over the course of the requirements analysis, specification and software development, we create wireframes, design concepts and graphic assets for the programming as integrated services in the arena of User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX).

Design and visualisations
Are you missing a concise demo for a process, a system landscape or your product, feature or service portfolio? We would be happy to advise you and create a “Big Picture” presentation with our graphic designers or design a set of graphic assets for your software, website or presentations.
In close partnership with you, and focusing on your objectives, we design interactive and/or self-running product and process demos, which, depending on your requirements, can present a broad spectrum: from the simple stringing together of wireframes, to “click dummies” off of designed screens close to implementation, to sound tracked and animated “demonstrators” or videos.

Chaotic documents? Ongoing changes? We offer you professional solutions for the documentation of your software and combine expert knowledge with documentation expertise:

  • Creation of technical documentation, user documents and operating instructions with individual variants
  • Control of translation runs
  • Provision of various formats such as InDesign, PowerPoint, Word and PDF
  • Preparation using screenshots and graphics
  • Independent updates of documentation via release notes, developer or customer portals

We use a special XML-based document creation system for the documentation, which allows a modular and parameterised creation of text modules, chapters and complete documents.

Marketing and communication
Have you developed a new product or service? Or have you just started your own business based on your product idea? We support you in defining your target groups and their profiles, developing a communication strategy together and defining the appropriate measures.
Our experts create meaningful marketing and communication documents for you, including flyers, product feature overviews, quick guides, promotional videos and much more.

Education and training
A good training concept and its consistent implementation often make the difference between the success and failure of products requiring explanation. Moreover, structural and process-related changes in companies also require guidance for employees. Our consultants determine your training and education requirements and create an individual concept for your product or project. Whether a tutorial, a click dummy, an e-training, a webinar or workshop: we implement your training concept combining your wishes and our know-how.