Product management OBD II Adapter

OEM Car Connectivity as retrofit a solution

We support the product management for an OEM car connectivity solution, consisting of a Bluetooth adapter and associated apps for iOS and Android, which is offered as a telematics retrofit solution for the OBD II interface in our customer’s vehicles. The product allows the driver to view and monitor selected vehicle data via the app and use value-added services (e.g. digital logbook, driving style analysis, filling station statistics and petrol station searches, etc.) from our customer on this basis.

We have assisted in the project from the product conception phase, through to the implementation of a registration website, the design of the communication strategy and the pilot / rollout planning, up to the direct market support for its worldwide introduction, along with continuous release updates of the associated Android and iOS app.


One focus of our services was geared towards concrete pilot and implementation planning for the international rollout markets, which we coordinated directly with the respective local contact partners. We recorded the local / international specifics for product adaptation in the technical, legal and language-specific areas and supported the design of localised product variants, price models and customer strategies. We worked alongside until these aspects were ready for introduction through a closely supervised ramp-up, right on up until they were transferred to the operational management side.

Within the project, we also participated in the design and partial responsibility of numerous product-related tasks and minute processes such as error tracking, the drafting of release newsletters, the development of ideas for the further development of the product, the creation of customer and user stories, and the coordination and integration of the translations of the app texts for worldwide use. For ongoing tasks in product management, such as support, training, communication and documentation, we offered initial conceptual development, further support and regular success monitoring using specific reporting solutions.


In addition to the creation of product road maps, customer journeys and user stories, the design of pilot and rollout concepts together with process and milestone planning as well as planning measures for quality assurance, the development of communication concepts with stakeholder and target group analysis, competition and SWOT analysis was one of the main tasks. Other services included the design and composition of information and communication materials such as brief instructions, help cards, manuals, newsletters and feedback templates in various target group-oriented formats.

During and after the rollout, we prepared competitive analyses with product matrices, utility analyses and rankings and maintained the product websites. Our tasks also included the creation and evaluation of online surveys and the creation of task-specific evaluation tools for product and sales reporting. Finally, we provided commercial support in ticket-based user support.