Software Accompanying Media

For our clients, we gladly take on the task of programming electronic media – in collaboration with external graphic designers – to accompany software or process solutions we have designed or programmed beforehand. This is not only to the end-user’s benefit but also to the client’s or decision maker’s – as early as during the software development or requirements analysis.

Prior to designing of a new software system or an application, as well as during implementation, before market launch or deployment, and during productive use, the respective solution needs to be documented and illustrated in various ways. Within our software development or IT consulting, we offer creating this kind of accompanying media from a single source; thus our clients do not need to transfer specific, process and product know-how yet again to further media partners.

Our range of services includes individual solutions and the implementation of many different media solutions for the above-mentioned phases. Where necessary, we will collaborate with partners in design, illustration, typesetting and printing.

Before development

  • concept, system and process illustration, wireframes, design or technological prototypes for presentation in front of decision-makers, customers and users to identify their requirements
  • so-called “demonstrators”: self-running and animated concept presentation, visualization and screens or wireframes
  • use case modeling

During development

  • creating icons, logos, graphics and designs
  • compiling system documentation

For introduction, launch, and deployment

  • user documentation (brochures, helpcards, “demonstrators”)
  • creating training material

During operation

  • “Demonstrators”, flyers or further user documentation to improve product awareness or to assist the implementation of developments or innovations

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